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All of My Pictures Are Too Big

but that's ok: Someday, Something's Going to Happen

Ernestine Walker
When I grow up, I would like to be a reclusive eccentric. You have to have money to be a reclusive eccentric, so I guess I'll have to write a best-seller. Unfortunately, I haven't got a best-seller. To pass the whiles, I'll just sit here amongst piles of paper, waiting for just the right sentence to start.

Most of the time, I'm on some other plane, but you can meet me at the connection. If we've got time, we can scope out the cheapest soda in the airport terminal... or vodka. Y'know. Whatever you're into... .

Biographically speaking, I'm one of those young professional types who's trying to hack out a living and hoping to do what she really wants to do some day. In fact, I'm hoping to find out what I really want to do some day. I live with two cats and a record player and a penchant for exploring tangents.

I tend to gravitate towards animals, especially horses and cats. I tend to have a few of each at any given time.

I've done, and shall continue to do, a lot of weird shit. I like to be interested. I like to learn. And then I talk about it.

I spend a lot of time doing things that very few people understand. So far, I haven't convinced myself that those are worthless pursuits. I'm constantly chewing something through in my head. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other times it isn't quite so good. I can't convince it to stop, either. I'm sure that makes me a headcase, but I think we all have flaws as humans. Flaws, and pills for them.

Most of the time I put a unique quote here. Oh, there it is:

"I got two words for you- Win. Dex."
- Mrs. Hurr Durr Jones-McQueso

I lock and unlock things arbitrarily, both in life and in this journal.

My one and only testimonial, in which I am... well, just read it:
courtesy of gwai_lol
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